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Finishing Services

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When purchasing high-quality alloys, clients may sometimes need an additional series of services performed ahead of delivery.  Whether it’s special coatings, heat treating, or even precision machining services, Altemp Alloys is here to serve.  A leading provider of high-quality and exotic alloys, we offer a range of finishing services to help shorten your production times and give you a better-quality product. 


Finishing Services

When dealing with exotic and high-performance alloys, customers generally need them cut to particular dimensions for a quicker turnaround and stay within budget.  And depending on the industry or application in question, even high-endurance materials like Hastelloy X or titanium alloys may not be strong enough.  In response to these client needs, Altemp Alloys offers a range of finishing services to give you a product closer to your finish line.


What Finishing Services does Altemp offer?

Heat treating – The process of refining a material through heating to a specific temperature for a set amount of time to improve its properties, performance, and durability. Heat treating can soften metal to improve formability, make parts harder to improve strength, create a hard outer surface on relatively soft components to increase abrasion resistance, create a corrosion-resistant skin to protect parts that would otherwise corrode, and can toughen brittle products.

Chem milling – The process of using etching chemicals to remove material from a part until the desired shape is left.

Trepanning – The process of drilling out the core of your material without wasting the inner material by creating a ring around the interior diameter to extract the core from the outer portion.

Coating – Applying an additive material to the surface of a finished part to achieve certain characteristics, such as dry lubrication or improved corrosion resistance.


Certifications & Standards

In business for more than four decades, Altemp Alloys offers these services on request to clients to provide them with material closer to their end goal.  And if you require a high level of precision, we maintain some of the most demanding industry certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • AS9100:2016
  • ASTM Standards

Altemp Alloys can provide the finishing services you need on any of the materials we stock, ranging from nickel-based alloys to stainless steel.  Contact us today to learn more.

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