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Inconel® X-750 Forging

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Inconel X-750 Forgings
(AMS 5667, AMS 5670, AMS 5671, UNS N07750)

In addition to plates and bars, Altemp Alloys offers Inconel® X-750 forgings. Inconel® X-750 is also known as Haynes X750, Nicrofer 7016, UNS N07750, and Udimet X750. This nickel-chromium alloy has creep-rupture strength at high temperatures to about 700°C (1290°F). Alloy X-750 forgings are useful for high-temperature springs and bolts because if its excellent relaxation characteristics.


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Alloy X-750 Applications

Inconel X-750 forging stock is used for many applications wihtin the aerospace, energy, and oil & gas industries including, but not limited to:

  • Aircraft structures
  • Gas turbines
  • Nuclear reactors
  • Pressure vessels
  • Rocket engines

In addiiton to Inconel X-750 forgings, Altemp Alloys also stocks Alloy X-750 plate that meets AMS 5542, AMS 5598 and MIL-N-7786 standards.

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