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A-286 Bar

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Altemp Alloys stocks alloy A286 in various sizes and shapes including bar. Alloy A286 is a nickel and iron-based, austenitic superalloy that possess excellent high temperature oxidation resistance. Oxidation resistance is high for continuous service to 1500°F; intermittent to 1800°F with corrosion resistance comparable to 316/316L stainless steel.

Alloy A286 Applications

With the qualities mentioned above and the ability to attain high strength levels when aged after cold work, A286 bar is used throughout the aerospace, oil and gas and automotive industries. Applications within these industries include but aren’t limited to:

  • Jet engine components
  • Non-magnetic cryogenic equipment
  • high temperature fasteners & springs
  • Flanges

In addition to A-286 bar, Altemp Alloys also supplies A-286 sheet, forgings, and plate.

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A-286 Bar Specifications We Supply:

Altemp Alloys supplies A-286 bar in the following specifications:

AMS 5731AMS 5732AMS 5734AMS 5737Quote

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