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Haynes 230 Plate & Sheet

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Haynes 230 Plate, Sheet, & Bar
(AMS 5878, ASTM-B-435, AMS 5891, UNS N06230)

Haynes 230 alloy is used for a wide variety of applications in the aerospace and power generation industries because of its excellent high-temperature strength, thermal stability, environmental resistance and excellent forming and welding characteristics. In fact, HS 230 is readily welded by Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SWAW), and other resistance welding techniques.

Haynes 230 (UNS NO6230) is a nickel-chromium-tungsten-molybdenum alloy that combines excellent high-temperature strength, long-term thermal stability, and resistance to oxidizing environments up to 2100 °F for prolonged exposures in harsh environments. These characteristics allow Haynes 230 alloy to excel in creep and fatigue resistance at high temperatures. Haynes 230 from Altemp is specified to AMS 5878 & ASTM B-435, 572

Alloy 230 Specifications

A complete source for all of your alloy requirements, Altemp Alloys carries HS 230 in the following specifications:

SheetAMS 5878ASTM-B-435B50TF246Quote
PlateAMS 5878ASTM-B-435B50TF246Quote
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Aerospace Applications

Enduring temperatures as high as 2100°F (1149° C), HS 230 plates are ideal for the following aerospace applications:

  • Combustion cans
  • Flame holders
  • Gas turbine components
  • Transition ducts
  • Thermocouple sheaths

Chemical Process & Heating Applications

  • Catalyst grid supports:
    • Ammonia burners
    • Thermocouple protection tubes
    • High-temp bellows
    • Heat exchangers
  • Furnace retorts
  • Chains and fixtures
  • Dampers
  • Sparger tubes

Haynes 230 Key Features

Perfect for the industrial-use temperature range, Alloy 230 plates are not embrittled by long-term thermal exposure. Additional features and characteristics include:

  • High-temp strength & thermal stability
  • Resistance to oxidation & nitriding
  • Exceptional longevity in the most extreme environments 
  • Superior forming & welding characteristics 
  • Low cycle fatigue at elevated temperatures
  • ASME Vessel Code-approved design

Haynes 230 Alloy - Nominal Composition

Element Weight %
Nickel 57 balance
Chromium 22
Tungsten 14
Molybdenum 2
Iron 3 max
Cobalt 5 max
Manganese 0.5
Silicon 0.4
Niobium 0.5 max
Aluminum 0.3
Titanium 0.1 max
Carbon 0.1
Lanthanum 0.02 max
Boron 0.015 max

Haynes Alloy 230 Supplier

Supplying exotic and high-performance alloys to suit your project-specific requirements, Altemp Alloys has earned an industry-leading reputation for market knowledge and client-focused service. In addition to stocking AMS 5878 and Alloy 230 sheets and plates, our team provides in­ house cutting, machining and precision shearing.

To request pricing for your 230 alloy order, inquire about other alloy specialties, or speak with an Altemp Alloys representative, call 888.658.3614 or connect online today.

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