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17-7 PH Plate

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17-7 PH Plate
(AMS 5528, ASTM-A-693, UNS S17700)

17-7 PH or Precipitation Hardening stainless steel is a hard, strong alloy used in multiple industries around the world. As part of our selection in 17-7 PH stainless, Altemp Alloys carries 17-7 PH plate, which displays excellent fatigue properties and good resistance to corrosion. 17-7 PH stainless steel plate also has formability that is considered good to excellent and distorts only minimally when subjected to heat treatments. These properties make 17-7 PH plates ideal for a wide range of applications, including many in the aerospace industry. It has numerous specific common uses, including:

  • Blade manufacture
  • Manufacture of springs (including fluid seal springs)
  • Flexures
  • Manufacture of washers
  • Encapsulated bellows
  • Pressings
  • Diaphragms
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17-7 PH Plate Specifications

At Altemp Alloys, we stock 17-7 PH plates to the AMS 5528 and ASTM-A-693 specifications. Altemp Alloys stocks plate starting at .1875 to .750.

The composition of 17-7 PH stainless steel plate includes high levels of chromium, nickel and aluminum. In addition to these elements, iron makes up the bulk of the steel’s composition. Carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur and silicon may also be present in trace amounts, not exceeding 1 percent of the compositional total.

17-7 PH plate make a good choice for nearly any application which requires an affordable metal with good resistance to corrosion and high strength. It is a cost-effective choice and is widely used in many industries beyond those mentioned. If you would like to inquire about pricing, please contact our team of experts.

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