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Alloy 188 Bar

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Haynes 188 Bar
(AMS 5772, UNS R30188)

Inconel® 188 (also known as Haynes© 188 and Alloy 188) is an industrial superalloy that is widely used in the aerospace industry, as well as in the manufacture of gas turbine engine. Common applications include afterburners, transition ducts, combustion cans, and flame holders.

In addition to heat resistance, Inconel 188 bar are virtually impervious to oxidization at temperatures as high as 2000 °F (1095 °C). Inconel 188 also has a very high melting point and will not be structurally compromised until temperature exposures exceed 2400 °F (1315 °C). It is highly recommended for applications which require resistance to the hot corrosion that can be caused by exposure to sulfate deposits.

AMS 5772GE B50TF74Quote
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The composition of Inconel 188 breaks down as follows:

Element Minimum Maximum
Carbon 0.05 0.15
Manganese -- 0.15
Silicon 0.20 0.50
Silicon 0.20 0.50
Phosphorous -- 0.020
Sulfur -- 0.015
Chromium 20.00 24.00
Nickel 20.00 24.00
Tungsten 13.00 16.00
Lathanum 0.02 0.12
Boron -- 0.015
Iron -- 3.00
Cobalt remainder  

In addition to excellent heat and oxidization resistance properties, Inconel 188 bar is extremely versatile. It can be both cold-formed and hot-formed, and can be welded without treatment using standard methods.

Cobalt bar is available at Altemp Alloys to the below specifications:

  • AMS 5772
  • B50TF74A-S7 
  • UNS #R30188

To request pricing information for 188 bar, plate or sheet or to learn more about this superalloys suitability for your particular application, don't hesitate to contact our friendly and knowledgeable In-House Product Specialists.

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