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When purchasing high-quality alloys, clients may sometimes need them cut to a specific size prior to shipping to speed manufacturing times. Altemp Alloys, a leading provider of high-quality and exotic alloys, offers a range of cutting services to better serve clients looking for materials cut to a specific set of dimensions. This will help get your raw materials one step closer to a finished product and can save your production process a great deal of time and effort.


Cutting Services & Capabilities

When dealing with exotic and high-performance alloys, customers typically need them cut to specific dimensions to shorten production times and stay within budget. With more than four decades in business, Altemp Alloys has a full range of in-house cutting services to provide materials in the shape and dimensions you need. All finishing services are available for materials and parts purchased from Altemp, let us help you get one step closer to your finished product.


What services does Altemp Alloys offer?

Saw Cutting – A tried-and-true method for cutting plate and bar material.

  • Horizontal bandsaw cutting is available from .250” to 16”
  • Vertical bandsaw cutting ranging from .375” all the way to 2’

Waterjet Cutting – The process of cutting a material using a supersonic stream of water, usually combined with a granular abrasive. Suitable for cutting everything from foam to steel, waterjet cutting is a versatile technology that can cut with exceptional accuracy and edge quality.

  • Available for all materials up to 8” thick

Slitting – The process of cutting sheet and coiled material into strips lengthwise, which can be used to cut into specific widths.

  • Only for sheet and coil

Shearing – The process of cutting sheet metal perpendicularly for a precise length of material. This method is excellent for cutting lengths of sheet steel quickly and accurately.

  • Only for sheet and coil

Machining – The process to remove metal from a raw piece, producing parts in the shape needed for the completed product.

  • Available for all materials and parts 

Grinding – The process of cutting with an abrasive cutter to remove material from a part.

  • Ideal for manufacturing screws or threaded parts


Certifications & Standards

For manufacturers requiring a high level of precision, we maintain some of the most demanding industry certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • AS9100:2016
  • ASTM Standards

Altemp Alloys can provide the cutting services our clients need on any of the materials we stock, whether it’s stainless steel, titanium or superalloys.  Contact us today to learn more.

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