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Inconel 625 Plate

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Inconel 625 Plate
(AMS 5599, ASTM-B-443, ASME-SB-443, UNS N06625)

In addition to sheets, bars and forgings, Altemp Alloys stocks commercial and industrial clients with high-quality Inconel® 625 plates. Inconel 625 is a specialty super alloy that is widely used in the aerospace, chemical processing, marine, hardware manufacturing and power generation industries, thanks to its versatility and performance under great stress and extreme temperatures.

Inconel 625 Plate Properties

Inconel 625 plates are supplemented with a columbium-tantalum alloy, as well as molybendum and chromium constituents. Certain preparations also feature significant amounts of carbon, iron, silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus, titanium, cobalt and aluminum. Altemp Alloys also supplies Inconel 625 bar, sheets and forgings.

Inconel 625 Plate Specifications

AMS 5599ASME SB-443 Gr. 1ASTM B-443 Gr. 1Quote

Applications of Inconel 625
(UNS N066252)

  • Heat shields
  • Production tubes for sour gases
  • Industrial tubing and piping
  • Spray bars
  • Chimney liners
  • Bubble caps
  • Distillation columns
  • Furnace hardware and heat exchangers
  • Reaction vessels

Alloy 625 Plate Features & Benefits

  • Heat and cold resistance
  • Chloride stress resistance
  • Corrosion cracking resistance
  • Salt, fresh water and alkaline chemical resistance
  • Stability during welding
  • Scaling and oxidization resistance

625 Plate / .625 Thick

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