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Haynes 188

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Haynes 188 alloy is often referred to as other trade names such as Alloy 188, Udimet 188 and Conicro 4023. Haynes 188 is a cobalt-nickel-chromium-tungsten alloy that may be readily fabricated for aerospace and commercial gas turbine engine applications, including combustion cans, flame holders, liners, transition ducts, and afterburner parts. Haynes 188 alloy also combines excellent high temperature strength with very good resistance to oxidizing environments up to 2000°F (1095°C).

Other features include superior resistance to molten chloride salts and resistance to gaseous sulfidation.

Haynes 188 Specifications

Altemp offers Haynes 188 (UNS R30188) in:

SheetAMS 5608GE B50A712GE B50TF59PWA 1042Quote
PlateAMS 5608PWA 1042Quote
BarAMS 5772GE B50TF74Quote
ForgingsAMS 5772GE B50TF74Quote
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Alloy 188 Chemical Composition

  • Nickel (Ni) - 22%
  • Cobalt (CO) - 39%
  • Baron (B) - 0.015%
  • Chromium (Cr) - 22%
  • Iron (Fe) - 3%
  • Lanthanium (La) - 0.03%
  • Manganese (Mn) - 1.25%
  • Silicon (Si) - 0.35%
  • Tungsten (W) - 14%

We also offer a range of other Inconel® alloys, including Inconel® 625, Inconel® 718 and Inconel® X-750.


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