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Rene 41

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RENE 41 Sheet, Plate, & Round Bar
(AMS 5545, AMS 5712, capable of AMS 5713, UNS N07041)

Rene 41 is a nickel-base superalloy ideal for the aerospace industry due to it's increased heat resistance and rigidity. These characteristics make Rene 41 an ideal material for aircraft parts, including:

  • Jet engine and missile components
  • Afterburner parts, fasteners, wheels, springs, bolts, and buckets
  • Gas turbine components, including turbine casings

Thanks to its extreme corrosion and oxidation resistance, Rene 41 is equally suited to marine and land applications. Altemp Alloys supplies Rene 41 plate, sheet, bar, and forgings. Rene 41 from Altemp is specified to AMS 5537 & 5759.

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RENE 41 Specifications

Altemp Alloys offers Rene 41 UNS N07041 in:

SheetAMS 5545B50T59B50TF109B50TF76Quote
PlateAMS 5545B50T59B50TF109B50TF76Quote
BarAMS 5712AMS 5713Quote
ForgingsAMS 5712AMS 5713Quote

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