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Hastelloy® X Plate

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Hastelloy X Plate
(AMS 5536, ASTM-B-435, B50A436C, UNS N06002)

Altemp Alloys is a stocking distrubutor of many superalloys in various shapes and sizes including Hastelloy® X plate. Hastelloy® X (UNS N06002) is a solid solution strengthened grade that has good strength and oxidation resistance up to 1200°C (2200°F).

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Hastelloy X Plate Applications

Hastelloy® X plate is used for mnay furnace applications within the aerospace industry because it has unusual resistance to oxidising, reducing, and neutral atmospheres. Applications within the aerospace industry include but aren't limited to:

  • Afterburner components
  • Nozzle vanes
  • Cabin heaters
  • Jet engine tailpipes
  • Turbine blades

In addition to Hastelloy X plate, Altemp Alloys also stocks Hastelloy X bar, sheet, and forgings.

Hastelloy X Plate Specs

Altemp Alloys offers Hastelloy® X Plate in:

AMS 5536GE B50T83GE B50A436ASME SB-435ASTM-B-435Quote

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