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Titanium Alloys

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A metallic element known for exceptional strength and low weight relative to some steels, titanium can be alloyed with a number of different elements for a number of applications, including aerospace, military, automotive and industrial process.

Titanium Alloy Applications

Titanium Alloy GradeApplicationsAdditional Info
Titanium 6-4Utilized in high-temperature applications such as turbine and aircraft structural components.More info
Titanium Grade 1A highly ductile and weldable titanium alloy frequently used in the aerospace and chemical processing industries.Request a Quote
Titanium Grade 2Ideal for the aerospace, chemical, electroplating and medical device industries.Request a Quote
Titanium Grade 3A highly formable titanium alloy offering superior corrosion resistance.Request a Quote
Titanium Grade 4Commonly used in aerospace, chemical processing and waste disposal applications.Request a Quote
Titanium Grade 9Exceptional corrosion resistance, weldability and formability for a wide range of industries.Request a Quote
5-2.5 TitaniumKnown for its endurance in a wide range of temperatures, this alloy is appropriate for use in cryogenic applications.Request a Quote
6-2-4-2 TitaniumA preferred material in the aerospace and automotive industries.More info
6-4 ELI TitaniumFrequently used in biomedical applications, including cryogenic vessels and surgical components.Request a Quote
6-6-2 TitaniumAlso known as 6Al-GV-2Sn Ti, 6-6-2 Titanium is frequently used in military applications.Request a Quote

Altemp Alloys also carries a wide range of Inconel®, Super Alloy, Stainless Steel and Cobalt alloys.

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