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Inconel X-750 Plate

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Inconel X-750 Plate
(AMS 5542, AMS 5598, UNS N07750)

Inconel® X-750 plate is a corrosion-resistant, high strength precipitation-hardenable nickel-chromium super-alloy plate. It provides high corrosion and oxidation resistance and maintains its strength at temperatures from cryogenic to 1300°F. When heat-treated, X-750 plate exhibits good strength up to 1800°F. It is easy to form and weld, making it an ideal alloy plate material for structural and high wear applications.


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Inconel X-750 Plate Applications

Inconel X-750 plate is used by the aerospace, processing, power generation, defense and metal processing industries. It performs well in high temperature, corrosive environments, maintaining its strength. It is an ideal material for structural components and larger components. It is a cost-effective material that provides reliable, durable performance.

Products manufactured using Inconel® X-750 plate include:

  • Airframes
  • Aerospace engine components, thrust reversers and hot-air duct systems
  • Pressure vessels
  • Gas turbines
  • Turbine blades, seals and rotors
  • Bolts
  • Forming tools
  • Extrusion dies
  • Nuclear reactor structural and pressure equipment
  • Heat treating equipment

Altemp Alloys stocks Inconel® X-750 (UNS N07750) plate that meets AMS 5542, AMS 5598 and MIL-N-7786 standards. We stock a wide range of sizes, from .1875 to 2.00.

If you would like to inquire about pricing for Altemp Alloys Inconel® X-750 plate, please contact one of our In-House Product Specialists.

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