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Stainless steel is a steel alloy containing a minimum of 11% of chromium. Known for its high resistance to corrosion, stainless steel is used in a wide range of applications. We can provide forgings in stainless steel alloys and Altemp Alloys carries several different high grades of stainless steel for industrial applications in different shapes such as plate, bar and sheets.

Steel Alloy Grade Applications Additional Info
A-286 An age-hardenable, iron-base superalloy appropriate for components in superchargers, jet engines, and turbines.
A-286 Bar | A-286 Plate | A-286 Forgings
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15-5 PH This stainless steel is versatile enough for use in a range of industries, including petrochemical, aerospace, chemical, and food processing.
15-5 PH Plate | 15-5 PH Sheet
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17-7 PH

A stable combination of chromium, nickel, and aluminum frequently used in aerospace projects
17-7 PH Plate | 17-7 PH Bar

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Industries We Serve

Our range of stainless steel alloys can be used in the following industrial applications and more:

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