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17-4 PH Plate

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17-4 PH stainless steel plate is prized for its ability to simplify fabrication and manufacturing processes, which can result in significant cost savings and reductions. Engineers all over the world rely on this PH stainless steel as a solution to pressing logistical problems in product design, manufacturing and processing.


At Altemp Alloys, we stock17-4 PH stainless steel plates to the following specifications:

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Chemical Composition

17-4 PH or Precipitation Hardening stainless steel is a commonly used industrial metal, thanks to its versatility and excellent performance characteristics. Its composition range is as follows:

  • Chromium: 15 to 17.5 percent
  • Nickel: 3 to 5 percent
  • Copper: 3 to 4 percent
  • Manganese: 1 percent
  • Silicon: 1 percent
  • Columbium/Tantalum: five times the amount of carbon, or a maximum of 0.45 percent
  • Carbon: up to 0.07 percent
  • Phosphorus: 0.025 to 0.04 percent
  • Sulfur: 0.025 to 0.03 percent
  • Molybendum: up to 0.05 percent
  • Iron: makes up the remainder


17-4 PH has inherent strength, corrosion resistance, and hardness, and its mechanical properties can be enhanced with the help of heat treatments. When treated, 17-4 PH can yield strength ratings as high as 1100 to 1300 MPa (160 to 190 ksi).


Industries that make heavy use of this stainless steel product include food production, pulp and paper, and chemical processing. It also has a wide range of applications in aeronautics, nuclear waste disposal, turbine production, and mechanical parts manufacturing.

If you would like to order 17-4 plate, please contact our In-House Product Specialists.

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