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WaspaloyTM is a vacuum-inducting nickel-based superalloy that’s ideal for high-temperature use. An age-hardenable alloy, Waspaloy is also corrosion resistant and oxidation resistant. Altemp Alloys carries Waspaloy in sheet, plate, bar, forgings and wire. See below for specifications.


Some examples of applications for Waspaloy:

  • Jet and missile components
  • Gas turbine buckets and discs
  • High-temperature bolts and fasteners
  • Shafts
  • Air frame assemblies

Waspaloy™ nickel alloy is also appropriate for OEM, architectural, power generating and military use.

Waspaloy Shapes We Offer

Altemp Alloys offers WaspaloyTM UNS N07001 in:

Waspaloy Shapes Specifications /
Additional Info
Sheet/Plate AMS 5544 Request a Quote
Bar/Forgings AMS 5704
AMS 5706
AMS 5707
AMS 5708
AMS 5709
Request a Quote
Welding Products/Wire AMS 5828 Request a Quote

Download Waspaloy Datasheet (pdf) »

Altemp Alloys also carries a number of other cobalt alloys, including Rene 41, N-155/Multimet, H 25/L-605 and Haynes 230.

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