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WaspaloyTM is a vacuum-inducting nickel-based superalloy that’s ideal for high-temperature use. An age-hardenable alloy, Waspaloy is also corrosion resistant and oxidation resistant. Altemp Alloys carries Waspaloy in sheet, plate, bar, forgings and wire. See below for specifications. Some examples of applications:

  • Jet and missile components
  • Gas turbine buckets and discs
  • High-temperature bolts and fasteners
  • Shafts
  • Air frame assemblies

Waspaloy™ nickel alloy is also appropriate for OEM, architectural, power generating and military use.

Waspaloy Shapes We Offer

Altemp Alloys offers WaspaloyTM UNS N07001 in:

  • Waspaloy Sheet/Plate
    • AMS 5544
  • Waspaloy Bar/Forgings
    • AMS 5704
    • AMS 5706
    • AMS 5707
    • AMS 5708
    • AMS 5709
  • Welding products/wire:
    • AMS 5828

Download Waspaloy Datasheet (pdf) »

Altemp Alloys also carries a number of other cobalt alloys, including Rene 41, N-155/Multimet, H 25/L-605 and Haynes 230.

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