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Rene 41 / Haynes R-41

Rene 41 is a nickel-base superalloy ideal for aircraft parts, including:

  • Jet engine and missile components
  • Afterburner parts, fasteners, wheels, springs, bolts, and buckets
  • Gas turbine components, including turbine casings

Rene 41® is equally suited to marine and land applications.

Altemp Alloys offers Rene 41 UNS N07041 in:

BarAMS 5712AMS 5713Quote
ForgingsAMS 5712AMS 5713Quote
PlateAMS 5545B50T59B50TF109B50TF76Quote
SheetAMS 5545B50T59B50TF109B50TF76Quote
Welding Products / WireAMS 5800Quote

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