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Inconel 718 / Alloy 718 (Altemp™ 718)

Inconel Alloy 718 is a nickel super alloy frequently used for cryogenic storage tanks, turbines, down hole shafting and well head parts. High tolerance to extremely high and low temperatures allow inconel 718 to be welded and annealed into products that will withstand extreme conditions. Other uses include jet rocket, nuclear fuel, and pump body components.

Inconel 718 Applications

  • Rings
  • Fasteners
  • Casings
  • Instrumentation components
  • Nuclear fuel element spacers
  • High-strength bolts



Altemp Alloys offers Alloy 718 (also known as UNS N07718) in:

Inconel 718 ShapesSpecifications /
Additional Info
Plate AMS 5596
AMS 5597
GE B50TF14
ASTM B-670
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Sheet AMS 5596
AMS 5597
GE B50TF14
ASTM B-670
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Bar AMS 5662
AMS 5663
AMS 5664
GE B50TF15
ASTM B-637
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Welding Products & Wire AMS 5832  


Chemical Composition

Inconel 718 is made up primarily of nickel (52%). Alloying elements include Iron (19%), Chromium (18%), Columbium+ Tantalum (5%), Molybdenum (3%), Titanium (0.9%), Aluminum (0.5%) with the addition of other elements in trace amounts such as Baron, Cobalt, Copper, Manganese and Silicon.

Physical Properties

Inconel 718 features a melting point of 2300°c and possesses impressive tensile strength that lends itself well to the wide variety of industrial applications it is involved in such as fasteners, high-strength bolts and nuclear fuel element spacers to name but a few. This is further aided by the alloy's excellent performance in properties such as weldability and creep-rupture.

Our Range of Inconel Alloys

Altemp Alloys also carries a number of other Inconel alloys, including:


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