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Inconel 718 Bar / Forgings

Inconel® 718 (also known as UNS N07718) is a precipitation hardening nickel super alloy that combines superior corrosion resistance and strength with high weldability. This super alloy contains significant levels of molybdenum, iron, columbium, and niobium, along with lesser amounts of aluminum and titanium. Altemp Alloys offers Inconel 718 bars in:

  • AMS 5662
  • AMS 5663
  • AMS 5664
  • GE B50TF15
  • ASTM B-637
  • RBO 170-153
  • RBO 170-287

Known for their rupture, high tensile and impact strength, Inconel 718 bars also allows for superior weldability. Additionally, this super alloy can be used in a wide range of temperatures—as Inconel 718 is capable of withstanding the intense demands of extreme cold and heat.

These qualities make Inconel 718 rods a popular choice for numerous industries. The alloy is ideal for hot extrusion tooling and parts, such as: casings, bolts, fasteners, rings and instrumentation components. Inconel 718 bars are also frequently used in fabricating aerospace, aircraft and other components, including but not limited to:

  • A/C engine components
  • Rocket components
  • Nuclear fuel parts
  • Cryogenic storage tanks
  • Turbines
  • Down hole shafting parts
  • Well head parts
  • Forgings
  • Bar supplies in rings, rounds, squares and rectangular flats
  • In addition to bars, Altemp Alloys carries Inconel 718 rods, sheets and plates. Altemp also stocks a number of other Inconel (Inconel 600, Inconel X-750, Inconel 188 and Inconel 625) and other alloy products.

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