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High Temperature & Super Alloy Products

Altemp Alloys is an expert source for a variety of exotic, high-temperature and super alloy products. With more than 400 years of combined experience, we have established excellent long-term relationships with major mills, vendors and processors. We keep the most demanded alloys in stock as a one-stop shop for all your aerospace, aircraft and defense industry alloys.

Super Alloy Products

Our high quality alloys, product knowledge and competitive prices make us a leader in exotic, high-temperature and super alloys. In large quantities or small, the Altemp Alloys team of experts is prepared to meet your exact specifications.

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Superalloy Forgings

We have the capabilities to provide forgings in almost every superalloy. Alloy products that we can forge range from unusual flat bar to rings and high-performance discs. We specialize in:

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Sheet Inconel® 718 Sheet
Inconel® 625 Sheet
17-4PH Sheet
17-7PH Sheet
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Plate Inconel® 718 Plate
Inconel® 625 Plate
17-4 PH Plate
17-7PH Plate
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Bar Inconel® 718 Bar
Inconel® 188 Bar
Inconel® 625 Bar
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