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Alloy N155 / Multimet

Multimet® | Alloy N-155 is commonly used for high-temperature bolts and aircraft parts, including:

  • Tail pipes and cones
  • Exhaust manifolds
  • Nozzles
  • Turbine, combustion chamber and afterburner components

Multimet® is also appropriate for land-based turbine applications.

Altemp Alloys offers Multimet® | N-155 UNS R30155 in:
  • Sheet/Plate
    • AMS 5532
  • Bar/Forgings
    • AMS 5768
    • AMS 5769

Download Multimet Datasheet (pdf) »

Altemp Alloys also carries a number of other cobalt alloys, including Waspaloy, Rene 41, H 25/L-605 and Haynes 230.

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